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Concept 2 Clinic will:

  • Provide technology assessments and due diligence for in-license opportunities or repositioning; 

  • Provide experts for presentations, discussions and interactions with regulatory authorities;

  • Develop business, clinical and regulatory plans and budgets to support funding exercises;

  • Design clinical protocols, site selection and study management;

  • Execute toxicology, animal modeling, and safety pharmacology pre-clinical studies;

  • Provide additional capacity or capability for formulation development or technology transfer; supply team members to complement existing organizations to execute development plans;

  • Advise on clinical and regulatory strategies and provide consultation on specific elements of a development program; and/or provide expertise to resolve technical issues;

  • Sourcing and Quality assessment of manufacturing, analytical and support services (toxicology, data management, CMO, CRO etc) facilities;

  • Provide additional capacity or capability to your organization to meet corporate objectives;  

  •   Provide global business development and enhance financial partnering opportunities; and

  • Prepare government grant applications  


A general list of our services is listed below.  Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  



Formulate product development strategy for fund raising and government grant application with emphasis on appropriate business plans, market research and technical assessment.

Opportunity Assessment

Perform due diligence and assess technology and from a scientific and business perspective.


Provide expert opinions and strategic advice on pre-clinical studies, submission enabling plans and execution.


Select, audit and manage vendors and service providers and be accountable for client timelines, budgets and technical support.

Regulatory / Quality

Prepare documents for submission and interact with regulatory agencies on behalf of clients.


Design clinical protocols and select appropriate sites for clinical trials, management and monitoring of studies.

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